It all started around August when Scott, Tom and Nate wanted to form a band. We were young and all new to the idea. We started out wanting to be a ska band, DANGEROUS ANGELS, we called our selves. Tom's cousin was our guitarist and we had a couple of on off horns. It was hard to get every one together to practice and one perticular trombone player would quit the band at least twice a practice. None the less we were going to play our first show, Brandon 's party. The horns opted to sit this one out because they felt they weren't prepared and our guitarist couldn't come so we picked up Dave to fill in. As you all know he stuck. The horns never came back and we became PASTRAMI BODYSLAM. Since then we've practiced in Tom's garage and basement(for the winter). We've played at Debbie's and Kyle's and February 21 we played on our first real stage Northern Lights. Our Second experiance on a stage was not as good as our first. On April 7 we played at Voorheesville High School in their aditorium for a class fundraiser. It was kind of strick but still a good concert. After the VCH show we got a chance to make a pretty good recording at the WBC studios from the help of Scott. After the recording was the adventure into albany. We played Mother Earth's cafe and had a great time there. We had a chance to play at Saratoga Winners. It was our first paying gig. A whole $52. Since then we have had a few other gigs there. Then on September 29 we played a NYC benifit show at Ravina and helped to raise over $1500 dollars for Red Cross. That was an awsome concert. October 8 we played the Teen Festival at the 4-H training center and got ourselves involved with Reality Check. Each concert is awsome and we just keep getting better. Keep in touch.