$cott Huth

Funny Band Name:Scotty Toxic
Born: 8/3/83
Band Position: Master of vocals
Punk Band: RANCID, Sum-41, Drpkick Muphys, MxPx, Nofx
Punk Record: Half an Hour of Power, And Out Come the Wolfs
Non-Punk Band: Michel Bolton
Non-Punk Record: When You Wish Upon a Star
Movie: Animal House
Kid From Duansberg: Kyle Shradie

Personal Quote: "You talk a lot of trash but you suck"
Influance: Method Man and Michel Bolton b/c I mix thier styles
Reason for Disliking Limp Bizkit: B/c Fred Durst blocks any kind of talent with his huge ego, and desires to nail Christina Agulara, good luck dirtbag