Freshman Year

Why do I pick you up off the ground all the time?
Never thought before, it would be this way again,
I stop and think of all the things we did wrong,
It's never gonna be the same,
But that's fine, But that's fine
Now why can't we, all just get along?
Today we'll see it's just another song,
I have always seen, life in another way, another way

Always wanted it to change, never want to stay the same
Always want, to be friends again
We can't stop and throw it all away
Now I've found what there is to life,
I found me, I found me

Now I see things have changed for the best
We have both grown and seen something else
We aren't happy with our lifes these days, oh some day it will change
And be the same, And be the same


Cheer up, it's not so bad
So she's run off with Brad, atleast you've still got your health
So what?? it didn't work
She always was a flirt, but now you've got to move on
You lie and say that you don't care, but when you sit and stare
I see you're empty in your heart
I wish i could take it all away, instead you tell me to go away
Go away, Go away, hey hey
Go away, Go away, hey hey
Go away, Go away, hey hey
Go away!!!

She took you by the hand, and led you to the dance
Where she broke your heart
And when you look around, all you see is a crowd
All around her now you've got to go, Go Away!!


Tangerine Lipgloss

Once, upon a time
There was a girl, with no rhyme
I asked that girl, why she couldn't rhyme
A single word, with her name

Once, i asked her to come
To my house, so we could play
I want her there, with me then
So she came, to my house
I sit, i stare
I think of what it used to be
I will, I'll be
Everything you want of me
Oh why, can't you
Just see me for me??

Now i think, of a time
She kissed, me after class
Now i see, it was a waste
Of my time, on her



And maybe we can go to the city,
And meet all the cool kids
And maybe they can tell us
Where the party is
Maybe we'll go to college
Maybe we'll have some fun
And maybe by the end of the night
We'll realize it's just dumb

But there's nothing to do in my town
(oi, oi, oi)
Nothin except sit around
There's nothin to do in my town
I don't mind doin nothin with you
I don't mind doin nothin with you

Well some people drink
And some people don't
Some people fight
And some people won't
We're the kinda guys we're not real bad
Sorry bout those eggs
Just don't tell your dad


The Maury Show

Rebel without a cause, no respect for the law
Leather Jacket with a chain, he doesn't care about your pain
Got suspended sophomore year, for coming to class with a beer
Punched a teacher in the face, his mother called him a disgrace

No he's sitting back stage, at the Maury Povich Show
At first he really, didn't want to go
The subject of the day: Wild teens are gonna pay
And his mother just sat back and cried

But then he met Roxanne, a Latin-Illegal Mess
She dressed like a slut, and could steal with the best
They were two wild teens, on their way to the boot camp scene
But together, they made it out

They fell in love, at the Maury Show
They fell in love, don't you know
To everyone they were bad, together was all they had
They fell in love at the Maury Show!!

The Last Night

Do you remember when you said
That you would always be there?
Then you went to college and my life was taken beyond compare
Now you're back and you wanna pretend that everything is the same
But I can tell by looking at you that things have changed
Chorus: Do you remember that night in your driveway pretending not to cry??
We spent the whole night pretending that it wasn't, Goodbye
But it was the last night, yeah it was the last night
Yeah it was the last night, we say Goodbye!

Do you remember when you taught me how to skate?
Do you remember the night when you took me out and gave me faith?
Then that April we got busted, spent a night in jail
My father had to come down and pay our bail