Tom Joke Archives

-12/2/01 Question:What's the difference between Tom and Osama Bin Laden? Answer:Come Christmas, we'll Still have Tom.
-12/4/01 Question:Why didn't the Tom skeleton cross the road?? Answer:Because he didn't have the guts to.
-12/5/01 Question:What does Tom think is black, brown, and looks good on lawyers?? Answer:His Rottweiler.
-12/6/01:Tom once told the story of the mushroom who went to the bar and asked the girl if he could by her a drink. She said yes, and in a sudden burst of courage the mushroom asked her out on a date. She said no, and the mushroom said....why not?!?!...I'm a fungi!!(funguy)
-12/7/01:One time at practice after watching tarzan, Tom turned to the rest of the band and asked,"what were tarzan's last words?" Answer: Who greased the viiiiine!?!?!
-12/8/01:Tom is so ugly, that when his mother dropped him off at school she got a ticket for littering!!
-12/10/01:Tom is so fat, that when he was floating in the ocean spain claimed him for the New World!!